Work History:

08/2008 to Present: Nuclear Non-Proliferation and modern information-driven Safeguards

10/2007 to 04/2008: Research Associate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Nuclear Science and Technology Division, aqueous and pryo reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel, nuclear fuel cycle, actinide and fission product chemistry, isotope applications, technical radiochemistry

04/2004 to 09/2007: Research Associate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory: target and ion source chemistry for rare isotope accelerated beams, Stockpile Stewardship, Nuclear Data.

01/2003 to 04/2004: Research Associate, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Isotope & Nuclear ChemistryGroup: target development, cross section data, nuclear data, actinide chemistry, radiochemical separations, DANCE detector, Lead-slowing down spectrometer at LANSCE acceleratorfacility.

10/2001 to 12/2002: Research Fellow, Florida State University, Department of Chemistry, (working with Prof. Gregory R. Choppin), actinide chemistry, speciation, actinides in the environment, waste  management.

08/1997 to 09/2001: Research fellow to undertake PhD in nuclear chemistry at the University of Mainz, Institute of Nuclear Chemistry (supervisior: Prof. Dr. J.-V. Kratz), title of the thesis: "Development of an on-line-Chromatography for Element 106 (Seaborgium)".

06/1996:   Degree obtained: "Diplom-Chemiker" (Msc) at 30th July 1997.

diploma-thesis work in nuclear chemistry at the University of Marburg, Institute of Nuclear Chemistry, Germany, supervisior: Prof. Dr. P. Patzelt, Title of the thesis: "A new determination of the half-life of 105mRh after separation from the fission products".

10/1993 to 07/1997:  study of chemistry (main study) University of Marburg (Germany).

10/1991 to 09/1993:   study of chemistry (basic study) Technical University of Dresden.

07/1989 to 08/1990:   co-worker quality managment and technical advisery for the Sächsische Olefinwerke Böhlen AG, Böhlen (close to Leipzig).

Summary of Work Experience

  • referee for scientific journals
  • program and organizing committee for scientific conferences and work at committees of professional organizations; consulting
  • frequent presentations, invited talks, contributed talks and poster, scientific reviews
  • participation in large-scale experiments on acceleration facilities, e.g. at the "Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung" - GSI Darmstadt (temporary staff member), the Paul-Scherrer-Insitut, Villigen, Schwitzerland, LANSCE at Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • working in international collaborations and research groups

Duties in the field of education at the university:

  • tutorial work at the university (lecture of general and inorganic chemistry for natural scientists), latter responsible for the tutorial work; assisting the member of the examination board as co-referent; member of the head of the institute, that belong to the collegium
  • lecturing general and inorganic chemistry on behalf of Prof. K.-L. Kratz
  • supervision of students in laboratory course work, supervising the course for students
    from the departments of chemistry, physics, mineralogy and geology
  • supervising advanced students doing a period of practical training in nuclear chemistry
  • frequent guest lectures in radiochemistry, actinide chemistry, and isotope applications for chemistry and nuclear engineering students

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